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Our initial story reached over 50,000 people in our city. Police have now confirmed that they did remove the bedding from the homeless people at the station on Saturday 27 May, following a conversation with the homeless people the previous day. A Thames Valley Police spokesperson told MKFM "During a patrol at Milton Keynes Railway Station on Friday 26 May, police officers carried out dynamic risk assessments." "While at the station, the police officers spoke to a group of homeless people and requested that some property be removed from the site because it could have been used by others to conceal dangerous items which could have threatened the safety of the public at a busy location." "Signs are also in place at the station informing the public that any items left unattended will be removed." "A number of police officers returned to the site on Saturday, 27 May, and the property was still in place, therefore it had to be removed from the station in order to make the site safe." Responding to our original enquiry, MKFM was told by Thames Valley Police that it could have been British Transport Police officers involved in the incident. However, further email exchanges led to Thames Valley Police confirming it was in fact their officers involved. The image of the bedding being removed with armed police nearby has been spreading on Facebook and Twitter, with many local residents commenting that they are disappointed to see the picture. Sam, Danny and Kelly have been sleeping rough outside Milton Keynes Central station for the past 18 months, with the location of their bedding being well-known amongst local residents. Speaking to MKFM, Danny said "The Police have taken away our bedding and with an armed officer nearby it was a very intimidating moment for us." Sam said that he was told by Police that "bombs could be placed under the bedding" and the bedding represented a security threat following the Manchester terror attack last week. Facebook user Aimee Tidman commented "I'm so angry about this. These guys have been there for years and instead of actually helping vulnerable people they've made their situation ten times worse again." Meanwhile, another poster Clare Robertson commented "This is disgusting, my 11 year old daughter saw this happening and she got upset over it. She kept saying that's all they have, why would police who are meant to help people be so mean and take there stuff, they done nothing ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ลายการ์ตูน ราคาถูก wrong. If it's to do with the fact of it poses a threat then ask them to move along to a different place don't take their belongings." Thames Valley Police have also told MKFM that they are working to do everything they can to protect local communities.

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